Audio & Video

TLD has a division of specialized producers who offer audio production services suitable for today’s fast-paced media-based environment. We strive to ensure world class quality production services for individual, private and commercial enterprises and their respective projects.

Audio & Video Production

You need look no further; we offer a full range of production services. If you need a voice for it, you have come to the right place.


  • Corporate Voice Over
  • IVR / Phone Voice Overs
  • Show Intros & Events
  • Character Voices
  • E-learning & Other Products
  • Dubbing
  • Audio Book Narration
  • Subtitling
  • Podcast Voices
  • TV, Film & Documentary

We understand the importance of allocating qualified linguists with industry expertise and experience in specific subject matter to the right job. We are not just linguists; we work with specialists in the following areas:


Our translation services are designed to provide you with professional translation in accordance to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards. It includes the following items:

  • Project set-up and document preparation
  • Project management
  • Bilingual editing (revision) of the translation
  • Final review by the Project Manager and our Chief Linguist
  • Formatting as requested
  • Terminology management, if requested