Translation of legal documents, including contracts, patents and intellectual property law.


We understand the importance of having qualified, industry expert linguists assigned to the right job. Laws and legal terminology are highly specific not only to each language, but to the legal system in which they are used. Inaccuracies in the translations of legal texts can cause misunderstandings that could affect the bottom line of a business, or even impact an individual’s freedom. For this reason we work with translators who specialize in translation for legal services.


  • Contracts
  • Court Transctipts
  • Depositions
  • Judgement
  • Articles of Incorporation

We understand the importance of allocating qualified linguists with industry expertise and experience in specific subject matter to the right job. We are not just linguists; we work with specialists in the following areas:


Our translation services are designed to provide you with professional translation in accordance to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards. It includes the following items:

  • Project set-up and document preparation
  • Project management
  • Bilingual editing (revision) of the translation
  • Final review by the Project Manager and our Chief Linguist
  • Formatting as requested
  • Terminology management, if requested