Bilingual and Multilingual Staffing Placements on short or long term assignments are one of our specialties.

Bilingual & Multilingual Staffing Placement

Looking for an administrative assistant who speaks Spanish and French or a dental assistant who speaks Korean? We can help. Or what about keeping your favorite staff person in place and sending in an interpreter as needed, or teaching your favorite admin to speak the basics in another language? It’s all part of what we do.

Our databases contains more than 50 thousand professionals, ranging from executives to administrative assistants with a broad range of industry experience and skill sets. The majority of those were directly engaged by our recruiters and all of are fully bilingual or multilingual. We offer candidates who prefer a flexibility of projects, and others who are committed to finding permanent full time positions. Give TLD a call.


  • Virtual Assistants
  • In-House Linguists
  • Bilingual Administrative Professionals
  • Temporary or Long-Term Contracts

We understand the importance of allocating qualified linguists with industry expertise and experience in specific subject matter to the right job. We are not just linguists; we work with specialists in the following areas:


Our translation services are designed to provide you with professional translation in accordance to the ISO 17100:2015 quality standards. It includes the following items:

  • Project set-up and document preparation
  • Project management
  • Bilingual editing (revision) of the translation
  • Final review by the Project Manager and our Chief Linguist
  • Formatting as requested
  • Terminology management, if requested