Now Is the Perfect Time to Finally Learn Korean!

Free lesson - no strings attached

For a limited time, The Language Doctors are offering the chance for people from all across the world to take a FREE Korean lesson with one of our certified linguistic professionals. All you need to do is enter the time which works best for you, NO CREDIT CARD or PAYMENT info required!

How It Works?

You will be matched with one of our talented tutors and participate in Korean lessons via video chat. We will work you on a schedule that makes sense, and walk you through everything you need to know patiently and professionally.

We will also…

  • Base lesson plans on skill-level and proceed accordingly.
  • Carefully track your progress.
  • Provide notes and feedback you can use between sessions.
  • Develop real-time tools to expand your scope of knowledge on a continual basis.

All you have to do is make your first appointment and we can get started!

Custom Korean Tutoring


Gain confidence as you progress through our system assisted by a personal tutor who will introduce you to the basics before digging into conversational structures. Learn how to use common expressions and become familiar with syntax and verb phrases that will elevate your understanding, and lead to real results quicker than you’ve ever imagined. 

Use This Time To Do Something Meaningful

We get it. Right now, everything seems upside down. Many of us are at home in the midst of uneasy and uncertain times looking for something productive to do.

There are home projects to occupy our time, sure. But after the day-to-day responsibilities are met, it’s as if there is too much empty space. Many have hobbies they enjoy, whatever those may be. Millions of folks have been using this forced break to “binge-watch” TV shows, which is fine. Though that might be fun for a while, it doesn’t exactly accomplish anything.

The funniest part about it is so many people declare their desire to learn a new language, but always make excuses.


If it’s not work, it is managing the home, or the kids’ schedules, or getting to the gym, going shopping. It used to be there wasn’t enough time in the day to do everything you needed to or wanted to, so you just put it off. Because, the expectation was and has always been that there would be a time in the future to actually get down to business and start learning.

Well, look where we are.

What’s your excuse now?

Maybe, just maybe, this is the best chance you’ll have to pocket those excuses once and for all.

Plus, you know what else? Engaging your brain by learning Korean is a fantastic way to take your mind off of all of the noise we are all currently surrounded by.

You found us for a reason. So let us help you get started on a path that leads to successfully absorbing a second language that you’ll be able to use with confidence before you know it!

The Human Touch

It comes down to expertise and intimacy. When beginning a language course, you need someone who is not only experienced, but also understands how you think, and more importantly, how you learn.

Mobile apps don’t do that. Software programs don’t either. If you are serious about becoming proficient in Korean, you need a real person who is there for you every step of the way. Someone who will guide you through each stage and bring out the best in your learning capabilities.

This is what we do. And no one does it better.

Stop wasting time. Seize this opportunity to learn korean on your terms, at your own pace. You won’t believe the results!

Free Lesson - no strings attached

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