“The service we have received has been top notch. . . We often ask for particularly long commitments at a moment’s notice and TLD always accommodates our special needs.”
-Yvette Fowler, DOJ, DEA

Interpretation Services

TLD provides both Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpretation Services for all languages throughout the US. We can provide the right individual or team you need to ensure that your business meeting, medical visit, training seminar, conference or day in court goes off without a hitch. We can also furnish any special interpreting equipment that might be required. Give TLD a call today regarding your upcoming event.

Deaf Interpretation Services

In addition to foreign language interpretation, TLD also provides interpreters for the deaf who are certified members of the National Association of the Deaf (www.nad.org) or Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (www.rid.org). TLD’s interpreters for the deaf are proficient in one or more of the following:

Our sign language formats include:

  • CART             Communication Access Realtime Translation
  • CASE              Conceptual American Sign English
  • ASL                American Sign Language
  • BSL                British Sign Language
  • PSE                 Pidgin Sign English
  • SEE                 Sign Exact English
  • VRI                 Video Relay Interpreting
  • IST                  In-Service Training
  • SLA                 Sign Language Assessment
  • Tactile


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